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Morgan 382, Project Boat, For Sale at the end of September.

Adam Scarbrough

New Member
I will be selling my 1979 Morgan 382, Tall Rig at the end of September. The boat has a new digital power distribution panel, new Arctic Air AC, Water Heater, New Water Pumps and a lot of really good hardware. The boat sat for a period of about 1 year during a divorce and in that time termites settled into the plywood cabin sole and aft head bulkhead. The boat was tinted and the termites are gone but there was significant damage to the cabin sole and aft head bulkhead. The bulkhead has been replaced and the new plywood for the sole is about 50% complete. There is still a lot of work to be done including rebuilding the v berth up front (I removed the over under setup with plans to have a larger v berth. The rudder has been enlarged and it has a nicely modified nav station to allow flush mount of all instruments. Strangely, all of the termite damage was on the port side and hasn't really effected anything past the companionway. Its definitely going to need some work but will make a really good project for someone wanting a very solid project boat for a really good price. I'll be listing on eBay in September for anyone interested.