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Modifications to a 384


Thomas Burns
not complete yet, should be in a couple week hopefully, I guess I will keep her at Prieto , I think the burned slip near you is too narrow. Maybe when you move I will see if I can get yours. I'd like to be by you so I can ask questions ;^)


Terence Thatcher
I can only say that unless a naval architect with a good understanding of structural engineering approved it, I would never cut a big hole in the stern of a Morgan and just assume that its strength was not compromised. Plus the stern modification does not, in my view, improve on the water access provided by the original stainless ladder. Why even consider such a modification?

Dave Reinhart

New Member
Greetings! I own High Hopes, and she resides in Bayfield WI in the Apostle Islands. Purchased her 2 years ago from a gentleman in Port Huron MI. Some amazing upgrades made by the prior owner--who was an engineer and stainless steel fabricator. Guests coming aboard at anchorages love the stern entry. A stainless ladder also drops down off the "platform" once lowered so re-entering the vessel after a swim if effortless. Lots of thick fiberglass back there and totally sea-worthy. Prior owner also fabricated a LP locker and made other improvements of which I am very fortunate to be the beneficiary! I looked at several Morgan 38's and was lucky to snag this one, as it also contained a new Vetus diesel. This will be my last sailboat. I've found that Morgan owners are rightfully proud. Best to you and wishes for a short winter!