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Looking for 3qm30h exhaust Manifold (1)P/N 721370 13500


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Hello Sailor friends, i am desesoerated looking for an exhaust Manifold (1)P/N 721370 13500 for my engine, the original one is gone corroted. I am having lots of dificult finding a new ore used one on line. Any recomendations for me?

Thanks =)
I replaced mine in 2013. I have my original from 1978. It did not have any issues, I found a new one in 2013 and just decided to replace it.
Unfortunately, It's heavy and in California. New elbow risers have been available on Ebay and other marine sites.
The thermostat was an error and I ended up with and extra end plate. Very expensive parts! Thankfully I'm able to do the work.

Thanks so much for the reply John Harris! I Just sent a request to Hatton marine and see if they have one..

John English!! Thanks for the reply. In which conditions is the manifolt? I am currently in panama with my boat and hopefully soon sail home to the Galápagos islands

Thanks everyone for the recomendations en replyes