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large fixed ports on 382

I am done with my lexan window ports that are screwed to the side of the cabin. they are dull and unsightly. Plus they do not open. Aesthetically, they are not consistent with the other ports I replaced with New Found Metals. So I am having NFM special make an opening port for the two large windows. The inside cutout dimension of my 382 is approximately 8.5 X 34.5. A replacement port will fit inside the ID and will give an overall OD of the frame of 10.5 X 36 5/8. These stainless steel ports are not a std size for them so this is what they can make which may require a bit of trimming to fit. They will make significant changes to their existing production to the make these ports to fit the opening. From the little I have seen, the 382s have these plastic screwed on fixed ports. If you would like to order two NFM ports, let them know. If there are two boat owners ordering they tell me that they will knock off the price by $100 from what they will charge individually. They are not cheap. The quote is $1,450 each. I am going to order mine this week. So if you are interested let them know and perhaps they will knock off 100 from your order and mine. Just letting you know, I am ordering individually anyway but thought I would throw this out to the Morgan 382 group in case you have been contemplating this..


New Member
Hi John,

If been talking to Richard at nfm for the passed couple weeks about getting new portlights. He said there was another owner interested as well. That price got me thinking I may be better off the fixed portlights to the 384 size of aprox 6x26. Still mulling it over but I'll know in the next few days. I liked the way mark Pearson's looked in the pictures that got me started down this path.

We had already been thinking about going with NFM to replace all the other ports. I had not considered doing the larger fixed ones, but this might be a tempting solution.

Unfortunately this is going to be a project for next winter so probably doesn't help you get the discount now.
Good luck tyree, let me know how that worked out, I am interested. I will find a picture of Mark's port light and take a look at it. Keefer that's ok. for the next order from a 382 owner, he'll know how to make it having done mine. I will report back once I receive them. I am sure it will take them several weeks to make them then get them down from Washington state to me in Mississippi. .


Terence Thatcher
Would it not be cheaper to ask them to make a fixed port? How are they dealing with the curve of the cabin where the port will go? Thanks for the update and good luck with the project.


John m. Harrison
I had NFM's installed in my boat several years ago and I really like them and inquired at NFM about the same change for my 383's fixed ports. The cost is just too high and I could not justify it for other things the boat needs so I opted to get a very dark tinted plexiglass to replace the originals. I think the dark tint adds to the curb appeal of the boat and because I've had periodic issues with the screws backing out and causing slight leaks around the butyl, I'm tempted to drill all the way through and threaded screws and attach a nut and acorn nut on the interior (or at least part of the perimeter of the fixed port). It would be great to have opening port there like the 384's, but it's a diminishing return improvement on the boat...
I had that precise question for NFM, that is, just to make a fixed port in safety glass with their SS frame that would just sandwich in like the others, but they said that the cost would be the same so to go with an opening port. The port is flat not curved but it still works. The gasket and butyl takes up the slight curve of the cabin. I do think that the port is too expensive and maybe not a good expenditure for the boat for all the things that need to be done, but I keep going back to this undone project and so here I go. I stopped long ago looking at boating of any kind as a good way to spend money. Actually, it is the worse place to park one's money. That's for sure!

I will report back once I get them in and installed.


Stephen Ruell
His John:
Our 1978 382 has the NFM bronze ports installed by the previous owner, except for these fixed ports. I would be sort of interested in upgrading those fixed ports if they would also offer these large size ports in bronze and hopefully at a lower price since there would be more orders. Would the bronze instead of stainless be an option?
Steve, I do not know but I will send an email to Richard who handles the sales and is the tech guy at NFMs. I will send him one over the weekend so that he can have it Tuesday. He is good at responding to emails. As soon as I hear from him on your question i will post his answer.


Terence Thatcher
I am replacing my old plexiglass ports with new ones when the boat paint job is done. Already have the new ports, so I will proceed as I planned . I too have considered thru-bolting the ports, but I fear the upper screws go into the cabin side at a point that they would not appear inside if I drilled all the way through. They go into the plywood cabin top, I think. I will measure carefully before I make a final decision . There is no question that NFM ports would be superior if they can be made to fit well. But I have literally run out of money to add anything to the current refurbishing.