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Large aft portlights from 384

Replaced these two Bomar aluminum portlights with new ones. They are spring loaded so they stay open. The (probable) powder coating had peeled off in places, but there is no damage to the frames or hardware parts. I have primed all aluminum parts with Interprotect 2000E, so no corroded parts. I tried brush painting white Awlgrip on them, but the small radius edges thinned out too much while self-leveling. Since I can't spray in my location, I gave up. All parts except for the Spirol pins, that should be renewed, and one plastic washer included. Also includes new precut 3/16" shaded acrylic lenses. The screen frames dont look great, but maybe are salvageable.
You will need to pay shipping. New similar Bomars go for $800+. Make reasonable offer.
Rick Noddin, Xanadu, 384 hull 47, 1563761627166302049003.jpg ibruths4th@outlook.com