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Jib size 1993 Morgan 38 cc?


New Member
Can anyone help
Bought a 93 Morgan Catalina 38 cc. Need a jib ! Does anyone knows the specs of
110. Jib. And 150 ?
Would appreciate the help

Warren Holybee

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Most of us have the Morgan 38x, but welcome others. If you can find your boat on sailboatdata.com that should give some standard sizes. Otherwise, you might need to have a sailmaker measure the boat.

Another option might be to contact Catalina. They should still have some drawings of the sail plan.

Warren Holybee

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The 382, 383, 384 series are a completely different boat, with almost nothing in common except the length. The 38x was designed by Ted Brewer and built by Morgan starting in the late 1970's. The later boats are a Catalina design, built after Catalina purchased the company. I otherwise don't know much about the Catalina boats.