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How to Post a Video From Your Computer


Mark Pearson
Staff member
You can easily post a video from your computer to a thread on this forum. The maximum file size is 200 MB, and the recognizable formats/file extensions are mp4, avi, m4v, mov, ogg, webm, wmv.

We recommend using mp4 since it has become a standard, captured by smart phones, etc.

You will first upload your video to the media gallery on the site, then embed the media into a thread.

Start by clicking on the 'Media' tab, then 'Add Media'


Next, click 'A site category', then choose 'Videos'. Then click on the 'Upload Video' button.


Next, click on 'Choose a File', browse on your computer to the video file, select it, then click on the Close button.

Next, type in a title in the first line, followed by a brief description of the video. Then click on the 'Save Media'


You have now placed your video in the Media Gallery. Now you will want to embed the video into a thread in the forum.

Go to an existing thread or make a new thread in a forum. Type a message (as shown below), then place your cursor where you want the video to be embedded. Then click on the camera icon 'Media Gallery Embed' as shown below.


A menu will display your media. The video you upload will probably be the first one listed, and possibly it will just preview a grey box with 3 dots. Click on this button and code will be embedded into your thread which embeds the video.

In the example below, the code begins with [GALLERY] and ends with [/GALLERY].


You can place your own text before or after this GALLERY tag.

Then click on 'Post' for your message to be displayed, with your embedded video.

That's it!


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