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How to Post a Photo (from your Computer)


Mark Pearson
Staff member
There are two different ways to post a photo in a Thread or Post:

1) You can click 'Upload a File' and it will simply insert a photo/file into the post where your cursor is currently located, or

2) Via Media Gallery - this is the preferred method. This method is slightly more complicated but much better & more flexible.

Each of these methods will be described in detail below:

Using 'Upload a File'
While it's generally better to use the Media Gallery (described below), this is a simple and fast way to post a photo or file. Type your body text as you normally would and when you get to the place you want the photo to appear, click on 'Upload a File'.

A file browser will appear that will let you browse to, and select a file.

Important: after the file has been selected, you will see a screen like the following. Be sure to click on Thumbnail.

A thumbnail (reduced size) image of the photo will be inserted in the text. If readers then click on the photo, a full sized image will appear.

Using Media Gallery
Media Gallery is a very powerful capability to upload photos and videos to your own albums, then insert the media into Posts and Threads you create. It is the preferred way to insert photos.

It is a two step process ... first you upload images to your Media Gallery, then you insert photos from your Media Gallery into Threads and Posts.

Uploading Images to Media Gallery
Start by clicking on the 'Media' menu at the top of the screen. Note that you need to be logged into the system in order to upload photos/videos to your Media Gallery.

You will then see listings of Media you have already uploaded. Click on the 'Add Media' button.

The system will ask for the destination where you would like to upload 'To', which will typically be an 'Album' of your choosing.

After you specify the destination Album, click on 'Add Media'.

This will open a file browser window where you can browse to photos or video you want to upload. Select the media you want to upload. You will then see a thumbnail like the screen below. You can type a caption and a description for each photo or video.


Type the (optional) Caption and Description in the areas provided, then click on Save Media.

The photo will then be added to your Media Gallery. The next step is to insert the photo into a Thread or Post. Note that because it's now in your Media Gallery you can use the same image in multiple posts if desired.

Inserting Media Gallery Images into your Post

Create a new Thread or Post a Reply as you normally would.

When you are ready to insert the image or video, click on the 'camera' icon on the toolbar as shown below.


This icon is for a 'Media Gallery Embed'.

You will then see a menu which shows thumbnails of your images and videos. Choose the correct image and it will place a 'GALLERY' tag in your text. When you click the 'Create Thread' or 'Post Reply' button, this will be converted into the image.