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Hi Everyone,
My wife and I are on our way to Nova Scotia CA Wednesday the 6th to inspect and hopefully close on what we hope will be “our” 1980 Morgan 382 “Bearing to Heaven”, until we can change the name to “Endless Knot”. I retire from the Michigan Dept of Corrections next July when we will move aboard and spend a month or two in NS before heading south. Look forward to chatting with you all and maybe even meeting some of you.
Fair Winds and Smooth Seas


Mark Pearson
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Welcome aboard, CapnPoli ...
Good luck with your inspection! Keep us posted and hopefully we'll see you around here.


Richard Dowe
Welcome aboard. I to have a 1980 382. I live in Maine and keep the boat in Rockland not too far from your boat. We plan on taking a trip to Nova Scotia next year and do our first overnight voyage. It will be interesting!
Just remember, every project on a boat takes a long time. What ever you find wrong "hopefully nothing"
use that information as a tool to lower the price. Always look at the price of a job as if a professional was doing it for you at his rate and not yours.