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Hello from Fiji (and now South Africa!)

Hi all. I am currently in Fiji, and have limited bandwidth again. I've been in Savusavu the past 2 weeks, and this week am heading to Taveuni, Rami, and Kioa. :) After that it will be off to Fiji. What a great boat the Morgan is!

Follow me on facebook if you can, it is *much* easier to post pictures and posts there than it is to log into any other website. Also, if you search for Warren Holybee on youtube, I post longer form video there. I am almost done editing my video from American Samoa (about 15 minutes long) and will upload it if I find the bandwidth. That might not be until New Zealand though.

And I am getting great stuff in Fiji, except my brand new GoPro camera failed after the second time I charged the battery. And no way to replace it until New Zealand :( I'm certainly very upset about that as I just completed a freediving course (today I dove to 50+ feet three times) and would like some nice video of the coral reefs.

Tata for now!


James M. Cleary
Wonderful that you are following your dream. Glad to hear that the boat is treating you well. Who is cruising with you? Are the guys who sailed the race continuing on with you?



Mark Pearson
Staff member
I don't think Warren has posted on the Morgan 38 site for a year?
But, amazingly he has made it all the way down to South Africa now. You can see his posts on FaceBook if you search for 'Warren Hollybee'.
I think his later passages might have been solo, but I might be wrong.
Apparently he is going to go from South Africa to Brazil. I'm guessing he has a circumnavigation in mind. What an amazing trip!
Go Warren!!


Terence Thatcher
If you go on his Facebook page and scroll down, you will see a reference to a gofundme campaign, I just send him a bit of money,

Tim Eichel

Hi Warren, I was unable to find you on YouTube when searching Warren Holybee, I ended up finding you under s/v Eliana. Really enjoying following your journey!