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Has anyone seen plans or the finished interior mod for a Pullman berth?


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First let me say wish all stay healthy... I am new here on the forum ... Ever since seeing my first M38 at 1982 St Pete boat show ...have kept it in mind... and kept an eye on them wherever ventured... So fast fwd to 2020 and happened to see a you tube blog "Sailing Soluniias" episode 4&5.. it discussed a 382 that had a major interior re make... And basically was putting a Bob Perry Islander Freeport 36/38 Pullman berth where the M382 head was by moving port main salon bulkhead and changing V berth into head and stowage...

I happen to like the Bob Perry designed Freeport 36/38 and the M382/3/4..

Does anyone have knowledge on this particular modified 382 or any other similarly modified cabin interior.

I have attached a couple shots of that boat...

Thanks for any intel on this.




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Wow! That boat has had several changes made. I’m going have to check out the videos. I kinda like the change to the chart table/quarter berth area. I notice the chain plates have been moved to the exterior of the hull as well.
Looks like someone did some very nice work there.
The bulkhead referred to has the chain plate for the cap shroud bolted to it. So moving that bulkhead, relocating the chain plates becomes necessary. Personally, if I wanted to make that mod, I would look at a different boat. If I had to do it on a Morgan 38x, I would hire an engineer. I don't think the chain plates can be relocated as they were in those photos without some hull re-enforcement, as that area of the hull is foam cored. So, it turns into practically gutting the entire interior. The work involved would far exceed the value of the boat. But, perhaps its cheaper than a completely custom boat to start with a Morgan, and completely gut it to a bare hull, then build what you want.


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I was surprised when I saw this mod because of questioning integrity of rigging... So that was one reason for joining this knowledgeable owners forum... Thinking a lot of people new to boats jump in to altering designs without understanding interrelationships of systems and structural integrity.... A friend once said "you don't know what you don't know"... So either continue in ignorance or join M38 owners forum ....