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Happy New Year


James M. Cleary
To all Morganeers

Have wonderful Holidays, how ever you celebrate. May the New Year be so much better then the last.

Bonnie and Jim Cleary


James M. Cleary

Have you seen that Mark Pearson has started a thread looking for original owners? You should check in on that thread.



Mark Pearson
Staff member
Happy New Years to all you Morganeers!
Let’s all hope 2021 sets us free from all this quarantining & enables us to do some longer voyages again.
-Mark (and Susan and Zia)

Happy New Year all! Here's hoping for better times ahead. We are starting to cook up some plans for some longer distance cruising this year, conditions permitting. Nothing concrete yet, but at the very least we are likely to be heading up to New England for at least part of the summer. Would love to meet up with any Morganeers in the region, again time and virus and everything else permitting!