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Experience with painting over Total Boat Thixo Flex adhesive?

Replacing a deck lid, part of which must be bonded along the mating edges to the deck. I am thinking that one of the flexible epoxy adhesives, like WM G-flex or Total Boat Thixo Flex would work well. The Thixo Flex is available in caulking tubes with mixer nozzles that would simplify the job. There won't be a large amount of flexing going on at the seam along the glue interface, but I don't want any cracks developing. The windlass will be mounted on this lid, so there will be some forces involved. Maybe regular West 105, filled with 406 is still OK. The West 105 can easily bond with any deck paint to finish the job, but I am curious about bonding of paint to the flexible epoxy. Does any body have experience with using Awlgrip or other topside paint over these flexible glues?