CPT Autopilot Installation Pictures

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    Jan 19, 2004
    Here are some rough pictures of my CPT set up. John Gonzales wanted to see these. Things are dirty, because I have been working in the cockpit. The power unit is sitting on the cockpit sole. There are wood shims to raise an attachment plate made out of aluminum. The bolts are threaded into heliocoils, rather than into the aluminum. I did not install the drive belt. It runs from the aft side of the power unit up around the large plastic wheel attachment. The small Monitor wheel attachment is on the aft side of the wheel. The CPT attachment is on the forward side of the wheel.

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    Thank you Terry this helps me immensely. I am going to order the CPT as I see the cost vs function to be a good match for this boat. My boat had a dinosaur under deck system that did not work and I scrapped that and will go with this. What I have read has impressed me. I will install it similar to yours so I thank you for your pictures.

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