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    I have an M35, which has six 3/8" carriage bolts that pass through the hull to fasten an internal chain plate "bracket" to the hull. The existing bolts were 3" long with about 1 to 1-1/4 in. of thread. Everything I can find in 316 SS in this length is fully threaded.

    Does anyone know if the original bolts were fully or only partly threaded? I can see that the chain plates have been accessed at least once before, but am not sure if these are the original bolts.

    I want to replace them and wanted to keep the same minimum diameter at the hull-bracket interface, which was a full 3/8" with the current bolts. I'll lose about a 1/16" of diameter if I go with fully threaded carriage bolts. Anyone know if Morgan used fully threaded or have a source for partial threaded carriage bolts?
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    Morning Steve, try McMaster-Carr or KL Jack for the bolts.
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    Jamestown Distributors may also be a good source for quality 316 bolts.

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