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Call for Donations to Help Site


Mark Pearson
Staff member
Wow, I guess it's been 3 years since the last "fund raiser". This site is obviously a labor of love and not a money maker!

If you have found this site useful, please consider a donation to help keep it running. My expenses are roughly $400 per year. For the server, software licensing, backups, etc. Also the SSL certificate which I accidently let expire yesterday. Sorry about that! It's back in place now but could take a day to refresh.

Fyi - when we did the last fundraiser (in 2017), there were 18 donors and we raised $520. There are about 150 folks who regularly log in and view the site.

Your kind donation can be sent via PayPal to mark <insert an at sign here> straydogma.net
Or via Venmo to mwpearson <insert an at sign here> outlook.com.
The email addresses are a little obscured to make it more difficult for computers/bots to harvest it.

If you prefer snail mail, you can make a check out to "Mark Pearson" and send it to:
1131 NE Dean St
Portland, OR 97211

Thanks Much for your support!! I hope this forum is helpful to you and I really appreciate everyone's contributions of content.

Most of my time on the site now is just trying to keep Russian/Chinese/Eastern European hackers out. Really! Apparently they can make some money by posting advertisements and getting click-through revenue, etc. I guess we should be flattered, but it sure seems like there are better targets out there for hackers than us!

I hope everyone is staying healthy and washing their hands!!


PS: I'll keep a running list of donors below, to acknowledge their generosity. I'll just do first name/last initial for privacy reasons.

Thank You, Donors: (so far, last updated 6/12)
Albert W, Jim C, Terry T, Steve R, John P, Tony A, Rick D, John & Denise H, John D, Travis & Elana S, Robert M, Dick K, Rick N, Lukas S, Ken F, Ken K, John G, Chris L, Trevor R, John E, Warren H, Pete B, Coy M, and Topher wins 1st place!

If I missed anyone, please let me know.
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James M. Cleary
Are you still at the NE Dean St address? If so I'll post a check. There seems to be too many scammers associated with Pay Pal for them to be trusted. let me know.



John m. Harrison
I'll get a donation together in. couple of days... It may be by check, need to see what the easiest/fastest way would be.


Richard Kilroy
Mark as you know we haven’t been that active for the last couple years however as people always say the checks in the mail. Hope everyone is well during these difficult times in your part of the world, things seem to have been bad up there where you are, Things are lousy here in Massachusetts as well.
thank you very much for running the site, and keeping many of the new owners, of our historic boats, informed on how to do things with them And properly maintain them.


Richard Kilroy
Mark: as I said checks in the mail. It’s probably a good idea for you to wait a month or so and post a donor list.


James M. Cleary
Glad to know you have made back to the States. Although these are not the most enjoyable times to be here. At least you will be fairly safe from the hurricanes.