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Autopilot ram, motor/pump, hoses and overflow tank


Autopilot--hydraulic ram, hoses, pump (believed to be raymarine) and overflow "tank" PLEASE---make an offer! We know what this would cost new. This was given to me by a friend/boat mechanic who was retiring from boating and cruising and I am told that it worked well. I believe he had taken it off his old boat, which was a Gulfstar 50' and the new owner asked for its removal or made it a part of the sale as he wished to upgrade it. I had intended to install it on my boat but am instead going for a wheel-mounted system as I am not focused on long range ocean cruising. Includes all parts as shown. You are welcome to test and inspect and I will give you a complete refund if it is returned in the same condition in a reasonable period. I am not able to give you any more information, but it can be inspected in maryland.


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