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Anchor Locker and windlass.

Mark Nooney

New Member
Hi all,
I want to increase my length of anchor chain to 100'. The maxwell windlass VM800, states that a 2' vertical drop is needed after the chain wheel.
Has anyone drilled and added a hawes pipe into the bow? I have the 93 38' Morgan/Catalina CC. Do you have pictures? I will probably need to build a bulkhead also

Not sure if that is an appropriate action for this boat.
SV Telesto


Terence Thatcher
You may be the only member with that later model of Morgan/Catalina. There are lots of posts about Morgan 382/3/4 anchor locker modifications. Some of those may give you some ideas. The 2 feet is typically to allow the anchor chain to self stow--the chain falls over after it goes in and provides room for more chain. My chain does not self stow after most is in; I put an inspection plate in and reach down to knock over the pile. Not great, but it works. Good luck.
We have 150' of 5/16" chain and 150' of rope in our locker, and have found that the chain stores fine on its own up to about 70' or so (plenty for the 10-15' of water we normally anchor in). Beyond that it needs some help piling up again properly. Posted a bunch on our windlass install and locker reconfiguration in a thread from last year, should be easy to find. Not sure how relevant to the Morgan/Catalina but there for reference fwiw.