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Advice sought on dealing with replaced Perkins


Terence Thatcher
For variety of reasons, but mostly peace of mind, I am going to replace my Perkins 4-108 with a Beta. I don't know exactly the hours, but it has maybe 6,000 to 7,000. ( I bought the boat 25 years ago when it had a broken hour meter.) The Perkins always starts and runs strong. The ZF-15 tranny is reliable. The mixing elbow is remarkably clean, the heat exchanger is clean, the beast has an oil cooler (which the new Beta does not, I wonder why?) But bits and pieces of the Perkins have started to require rebuilding or replacement. It is putting out some invisible smoke since the transom is showing black soot, but that may just be the injectors need a good cleaning. I also have tons of parts and rebuild kits, extra injectors, etc. Plus I have two Balmar 100 amp alternators, one a large case rebuilt 400 or so hours ago and another small case (spare) with 230 hours. Is there some way to get some money for either the engine or all the parts that could come off it? I know others have sold their Perkins, but it weighs 500 pounds or so, and shipping it seems impossible. My local market is not big, just Portland, OR, and Seattle. Ebay seems a possibility, I guess, but I have never used that site. I would appreciate any advice folks can give. Thanks all.
Facebook groups are probably the best. Ebay is a PITA and will take about 20% all said and done. There are two facebook groups specific to the 4108 engine, and one to Perkins marine engines in general.
I think that a running engine goes for good money. I just took a look in one of them, and a dead 4108 is worth about $800, and a running one sold for $1800.

Lots of individual parts trading hands in the group as well.

2 years ago I dump my broken Pekins block in marina dumpster. I offer here engine and some accessories here, nobody wonted.
Consignment took alternator, they are packet with parts. maybe i get back 0.5 BU. This was in Newport RI