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A Brief History of this Morgan38.org Web Site


Mark Pearson
Staff member
Here is a quick record of the history of this site - most of it I gathered from reading the posts.

If you have any other information or corrections, please post them here and/or contact me!


Initially, a Morgan 38 owners ‘Newsletter’ was created in the Fall of 1997 by Lenny Reich. These are still very good reads, and you can find the original Newsletters here: http://www.morgan38.org/morgan38/in...nal-morgan-38-owners-group-newsletters.14940/
The Newsletters ran through the Summer of 1999.

M38 Board
Overlapping somewhat with the Newsletters, a new message board was started, called the ‘M-38 Board’. It ran from January 1998 through June 2001, I think this was managed by Alan Tigner. The system was not run on any commercial software system, and used scripting to create posts, etc.

It looked like this:

Morgan 38 Message Board using Discusware
From late 2001 through April 2015, the system was called ‘Morgan 38 Message Board’. It was run on an old software system called ‘Discusware’ which was discontinued as a product in the 2000’s. Alan Tigner migrated the system onto Discusware in 2001 and in June 2005, handed it off to Larry Brown, who administered the system and ran it on his servers.

It looked like this:

Morgan 38 Forum using xenForo and Database
In April 2015, the system content (from Newsletters, Board, and Discusware) was migrated into new forum software called xenForo, and the contents were stored in a database. Mark Pearson did the migration & became the new forum admin, and the system continued to run on Larry Brown’s servers. The new system uses standardized software and databases, so in the future, migrations to any new system will be easy.

It looked like this:

In October 2016, the system was moved off of Larry Brown’s servers onto Mark Pearson’s servers. Mark is actively seeking another Morgan owner (who is IT savvy) to be backup admin. Please contact Mark if you are interested.
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