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383 cutless bearing

My 1982 383 shaft only has 3/4 to 1 inch clearance between prop and face of cutlass bearing, with a shaft zinc installed I only have about 1/8 inch clearance between zinc and face of cutlass bearing, can someone tell me is that enough clearance for proper water flow to bearing ?,thanks


If you're in the water just look at the stuffing box. Make sure it's dripping every few seconds. I forget what it supposed to be one drip every 3 to 5 seconds . I like to tighten mine up so it only drips when in gear (compass marine) has a good write up on it and they say only a few drips per minute. pbase.com is the site good info on different topics
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I'm not in the water yet I just put new bearing, shaft and had prop reconditioned I installed a new shaft the same length as factory but the distance between bearing and prop is only about 1 inch when I put the shaft zinc on there is only about 1/8 in between zinc and bearing I'm afraid while underway not enough water will get to the bearing!


James M. Cleary
As long as there is a little bit of space, 1/8" should be enough, between the zinc and the face of the bearing, enough water should be able to enter the bearing. Remember there will be some pressure trying to drive the water in there. Another thing to consider is that the amount of the cutlass bearing extending beyond the shaft log tube doesn't need to be more that 3/8". That is enough to get a large pair of channel locks on it to twist the bearing out.



Richard Dowe
Harden, what style zinc are you using? Donut, football. I use one shaped like a football and cut a quarter inch off from it. I went that size to get more zinc on the shaft.


lee nicholas
if your worried The egg Zinc is not the olny type of shaft Zinc. A collar Zinc will do the same Zink Job and leave plenty of room !