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38 Heritage West Indies


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Recently purchased a 1977 38 Heritage West Indies. Having difficulty finding much information on/current owners of 38 HWI models. Our boat isn't technically a Morgan, but since it was designed by Charles Morgan (after he sold Morgan but went on to design at Heritage) I was hoping someone on here may be able to point me in the right direction.
There is a Morgan Yachts Facebook group, and Charlie Morgan is on Facebook as well. This group is mostly focused on the Ted Brewer designed Morgan 38x, with a few Morgan 38 members mixed in also.

Good luck in your search!


lee nicholas
I have been on the 38 heritage. Wonderful inside Charlie Morgan had some of the best Boatwrite at the time ! It's amazing what can be done with teak in the hands of a skilled craftsman !
When boats were built by a designer and not a computer , and buy real craftsman!
Those days are gone. Now they are Clorox bottles with funny shape windows !!
Lee Nicholas , Yeh I'm old. ......


lee nicholas
I'm going to start my project of removing the cabin top winch and replacing it with the two speed Anderson , lead the halyard back across the cabin top!
I so hate the idea of removing that overhead ! I hate my boat torn up on a project !
Because there are always things not figured out that take longer . And fall in Florida is the Windy season and dry !!