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1979 Morgan 382 #172 Great Lakes Boat, new sails, new bottom job, less than 2000 hours on Perkins 4-108

I am thinking about selling our Morgan 382. The boat would be a perfect boat for someone who is interested in a refit as I have done all of the hard labor on the two major items. The bottom has been taken down to the gelcoat, blisters repaired and has an Interlux Interprotect barrier coat just waiting for new bottom paint of the buyer's choice. (I am going to put VC 17 on the bottom if I end up keeping). The cap rail has been removed (a very laborious job) and the sale would include all new teak that has been cut to the exact original cap rail. The new cap and rub rail just needs to be installed. The boat also has a newer main with 2 reefs and a newer furling genoa #135 Jib. Both sails are US built using Challenge 8.3 oz. High Modulus Dacron, are triple stitched with Gore-tex Thread and are reinforced with Spectra webbing on all corner patches and luff slides. All sails have Vectran leech cords. The boat has spent her whole life on Lakes Michigan, Huron and St. Clair. It is currently in inside storage in Escanaba, MI. Gelcoat is in good condition.

Boat is fairly well equipped including electronics (no radar) and refrigeration. Only two high cost upgrades that I planned to make is a windless (which now would be a perfect time for an install since the interior is pulled apart for the cap rail replacement) and to replace the galley stove/oven.

The boat has not been in the water since 2019. Long story, but the first year was for the bottom job and cap rail replacement. Roof collapsed from too much snow load during 19-20 winter taking out the bow sprint (has a brand new bow sprint fabricated in Port Huron, MI to original specifications) followed by the lock-down COVID summer in Michigan. To make matters worse, it is at a small family run boatyard run by two brothers of which passed with COVID in October.
(You are allowed to work on your own boat's at the boatyard.)

Anyway, not sure I want to sell, but I have two bad shoulders, a inland lake cottage with a Nautique to maintain, and a friend that has a Tartan 37 which I can crew/cruise on almost everyday of the summer as well as.

If you are interested and would like a copy of an older survey and photos, feel free to contact me through this forum or at brianzinser59@gmail.com


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