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Removing damaged wood

Removing damaged wood

removing damage from battery acid spill
YUP had the exact problem Rotted battery locker deck due to no battery boxes around each battery . New floor new glass new gel coat and back to normal !
Yes of course when i purchased her i put on 3 AGM's in Boxes and a year later a Box w/ battery went thru the deck there ! Well ya know what a pain that is to remove all batteries and label all wires . A cut off grinder Shop Vac till good wood was found . Than make a pattern, cut the ply wood Oh it would not fit back in one piece ! So a center splice was made with 3 inch under lip. So 2 parts screws than mat and roving over top with RESIN. Than white gelcoat !
All this for a rotted hole that the battery box fell into . All because the PO was to cheep to use battery boxes !! DAHHHH !!!!!!!
Also this time I glassed 6 inches up all the sides , so no anything , could soak into any thing ! Who wants to do a job twice cause of a short cut . !! Besides she just deserves the best I can give..
She pays me back when the sails fill and she heels !!! I can feel the thank you sprit....

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