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Rascal - Jeff Aufill's 1983 M384, Home Port Seabrook, Texas

Rascal - Jeff Aufill's 1983 M384, Home Port Seabrook, Texas

Grey caprails and combing looks good! That is what we are going to on Pilgrim. Do you do any maintenance on the exterior teak to achieve this uniform coloration and lack of any mold?

What is the block on the caprail between the aft cleats used for? Spinnaker sheet?
@svpilgrim Thanks. This photo was taken soon after I purchased the boat. I have had my fill of varnish work, and I like the grey. After three years the teak started to look really bad due to fungus. I came across a product called Boracol. It is a wood treatment for mold and fungus. Hallberg Rassy recommends it for their teak decks. Boracol is not available in the U.S., but you can get a very similar product called Boracare with Moldcare. Earlier this year I carefully scrubbed across the grain with sudsy ammonia and a scotch brite. Then applied the Boracare. It goes on like water, does not harm gel coat or paint, and cleans up easy. My teak is now uniform bright silver. I will probably reapply every two years...we will see. I am very pleased with the results.

Yes, spinnaker sheet.

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