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Fresh coat of paint in quarterberth.

Fresh coat of paint in quarterberth.

Tabbing repairs completed we added fresh paint to stripped down quarterberth area.

We plan to eliminate the quarterberth and commit this area to storage.

The window will be replaced in the future.
Jeff,what kind of paint did you end up using in the berth? I am getting ready to paint the engine room deck ,any type of paint do you suggest? Thanks Rick

Internal living spaces and lockers (ex. quaterberth, salon bulkheads, hanging lockers, galley storage, portions of engine compartment typically covered with soundproofing, etc.) I use 2 to 3 coats latex priimer (Kilz2) followed by 1 to 2 coats latex semigloss exterior grade residential paint (Vaspar Duramax or similar from Home Depot).

Internal areas frequently exposed to moisture and or chemicals (ex. cockpit lockers, lazurette, upper portions of bilge, upper portion of anchor locker, exposed/lower portions of engine compartment I use 2 to 3 coats of Interlux Pre-Kote Primer followed by 2 coats Interlux BilgeKote.

Internal areas that are subjected to frequent wetness and possible immersion (ex. bilge & lower anchor locker) I use 3 to 7 coats of Interlux2000 (or similar epoxy barrier coat) if the area needs a cosmetic finish then I follow the barrier coat with 2 coats Interlux BilgeKote.

Hope this is helpful.
@svpilgrim Thanks for the input. I am concerned about using exterior house paint on the inside of a living space. I had a hardware store at one time and when we went to paint school they told us never to use exterior paint inside because it has harmful chemicals that are released continually. Rick
Rick, Interesting. I've never heard that using exterior paint in a living space can be harmful. I'll do some additional research on the topic.

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